domenica 30 settembre 2012

OPI set sunny fingers and toes review and swatches


If you read sometimes my blog, probably you think i don't love nail polishes because in my blog there is no review regarding nails!! This isn't true, i adore nail polishes and i change the color of my nails every two days but i have some difficult when i try to take photos of my hands. 

Generally my nails are a little short and i don't like to see nail polish on short nails so i avoided in the past to show my nails stuff to my readers. But my passion for nail colors are too much big so i have decided to make some review about nails with many swatches and photos as i do for my eyeshadows. In this period i am trying some brands i never used before. I was very curious about OPI and some days ago i decided it was the moment to buy some OPI nail colors, but what color would i have had to choose among all OPI nail polishes? OPI has too much colors and they all seem amazing, so i was in search of a set instead of a single nail varnish. Finally i found a minis set for summer: sunny fingers and toes with ten nail colors from some OPI collection. That's what this set contains in my photos! In the end of this post my opinion about this set, in the next post you can find all the swatches, color descriptions and my thoughts about OPI!

All these polishes are minis, the bottles are so nice but extremely little, they contain 3,75 ml of product instead of 15 ml and the entire set costs about £23 ( about 29 euro), £2,3 for one mini. Not too expensive, i think, but it is very difficult to use them completely, besides the brush is very little and thin and it sometimes produces stripes on my nails, it is necessary to put two times the brush in the bottle to paint one nail. Finally i think it is better to buy one normal  bottle instead of minis set like this. However it is an amusing way to try many colors, for me this is a way to enter in OPI world! Are you curious to see these colors in action? Soon i'll post all the swatches. Kisses to everyone!!!

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