mercoledì 28 marzo 2012

Dawn cosmetics review part two


Swatches time!!! These colors didn't disappoint me, i appreciated them in jars and i love them now swatched on my arm. As i always do, eyeshadows are swatched dry over nyx skintone base. 

These eyeshadows are generally well pigmented and long lasting, i would prefer mi amore was more pigmented or a little darker, it remains very delicate and soft on my skin when i use my usual primer: too faced shadow insurance, however it is really nice, it is only lighter than i imagined. My favourite is red red rose, an original combination of red and pink, not so red, not so pink, a delicious shade, so feminine and warm. In the next post you can see all these colors together in the same look, i think this is an interesting look with its combination of warm and cold shades. Do you like Valentine's day collection by Dawneyes cosmetics? What color is your favourite? Don't miss to see these colors in action on my eyes!!! 

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