sabato 16 giugno 2012

Chinovi eyeshadows review


As you know, i'm always happy to find new mineral brands and try their products! I saw Chinovi shop two months ago and i immediately decided to pick some samples of eyeshadows, 

there were no full size but samples only because the brand was at beginnings, actually both full size and samples are available, price of samples are 1$ for 1/8 of teaspoon, as it happens for most of mineral brands. I buyed sixteen colors, hiccup is a free gift from Vanessa, the owner of Chinovi. I swatched them for all my readers; as usual, swatches are over nyx skintone base, remember nyx skintone base is a creamy base and it is darker than my skin, so colors seem more intense and brilliant. About colors, i can say there are something interesting among them but nothing have impressed me so much, although tree is an adorable green and i love generally the turquoise shades as preserve or party, these colors are similar and sometimes i was confused about them! Chinovi eyeshadows seem generally easy to apply and well pigmented except some colors: fun house, for example, is very strong over nyx creamy base but over bare skin is less intense. No other word for now! I will try soon these eyeshadows on my eyes so i will see how they work, my opinion will come after the looks gallery as usual. 

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Alessandra ~ Miss Boom Baby ♥ ha detto...

a vederli così sembrano tutti luminosi e intensi, io li applicherei su un correttore quindi l'intensità dovrebbe essere la stessa :D alien, sauced, hiccup mi hanno colpita, gli altri somigliano quasi tutti a colori che ho già...non c'è nessun colore davvero particolare che mi ispira particolarmente. alcuni colori me ne ricordano altri di Aleguars

yelaya ha detto...

Il correttore in realtà è un pò più asciutto, i colori sono quelli che fanno un pò tutti i marchi, in ogni marchio c'è qualcosa di particolare e qualcosa di banale, bisogna pizzicare quello che è più interessante!

Allie Nine ha detto...

Io li trovo bellissimi!