lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

Urban decay feminine palette review


Urban decay launched four holidays palettes: vice, feminine, dangerous and fun. The feminine, dangerous and fun palettes are similar, they contains six shades and a gloss, vice palette contains twenty shades of eyeshadows.

It's awful but i missed the vice palette! I saw it two weeks ago but i wasn't sure to buy it so, when i decided to purchase the vice, it was unavailable pratically everywhere! I was very disappointed!  The six eyeshadows palettes are nice too, so i decided to buy one of them, my choice was feminine. Why it is called feminine, really i don't know, i don't think these shades are so feminine but they are intense and mysterious and maybe urban decay makeupartistes think women are intense and mysterious, but woman are dangerous and they love fun too, so if you are true women, you must buy all these palettes!!! Ok, i'm joking, they are too expensive!! Now let see what feminine palette contains.

Hijack is a deep teal, it's is dark and shimmer, i think it's is a little sad but i adore teal, it pops on my brown eyes! Indeed hijack is a combination of teal, grey and blue.

AC/DC is my favourite shade of feminine, it's really an interesting color, it's a duochrome and changes from bright brown to a silver purple, a very shimmer color

Gun metal is a grey shimmer shade, with some hints of green, simply a dark grey eyeshadow

Bordello is a shimmer rosy brown, easy to wear for everyday looks

Lost is a golden brown, not an original shade but most of us love this color!

Skimp is an highlighter, good expecially for browbones. It's a vanilla shade, soft and delicate with a satiny finish. Now we are ready to see the swatches!

My initial thoughts are positive but i must try these eyeshadows on my eyes yet, all the eyeshadows are well pigmented and easy to apply, but they are less creamy and soft and less brilliant in comparison with the luxe eyeshadows palette (i reviewed it in my blog some months ago). These are shades absolutely for winter!!! Only two words about the lipgloss included in the feminine. It's one of color and plump lipgloss in the shade flower, it is absolutely unuseful, it is almost clear and gives to my lips just a touch of color, it is pratically invisible and my lips are only more brilliant, the plump effect is minimal, there is only a slight difference in my lips when i apply it. In the next days i will post a couple of looks created with feminine palette colors so we can see these shades in action. At any rate, Urban Decay palettes are too expensive, feminine costs about 36 euro, too much for six eyeshadows only and however these colors are not so interesting or innovative. Some of them remind to me MUA pearl eyeshadows, in particular skimp and bordello, on the contrary AC/DC and hijack are new in my makeup collection. I will say something else soon ,stay tuned girls!!! :)

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Robiwan ha detto...

è davvero una bellissima palette =O l'avevo scartata perchè mi sembravano colori banali ma dopo la tua review ho decisamente cambiato idea! il nuovo packaging mi piace molto di più :))

style&make up ha detto...

E' una palette stupenda

yelaya ha detto...

Vi dico la verità, a me non ha impressionato più di tanto, i colori nella palette sembrano molto più vivaci, invece sugli occhi sono abbastanza cupi, come vedrete tra qualche giorno!

ValeLoveMakeUp ha detto...

Appena iscritta alla tua pagina, se vuoi passa! :)