lunedì 9 aprile 2012

Louise Beecham eyeshadows review


Luoise Beecham is an english young woman that sells eyeshadows and jewels on etsy. I purchased these samples with a promotion, i payed 4 euro with shipment for these colors and i swatched them for you!

Louise has few colors in her shop, there are only other two or three eyeshadows on sale, and i think they are not so special as one can expect. I saw an interesting purple but she made a mistake and i didn't receive this color, so i contacted her and she promised to send it soon but, as you can see, again i didn't receive purple. This isn't good, but let it go, it doesn't matter! Colors are enough easy to use, it is better if you use them wet, but they are as a black or grey base which makes them a little dark and less vibrant. 

In conclusion, i think quality is good but Louise should have many other eyeshadows and more interesting and particular shades, if you are curious and you want to give a look to Louise shop, it is here

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